Brambilla Photography

Our Story

We met in a church in November, the two of us, on a cold and rainy weekend retreat for high school students. We soon found ourselves spending the better part of the next two years flirting in the dimly lit confines of the school darkroom. We were married in the same church six years later and both of us, constantly throughout the day, desperately wanted to step outside ourselves to take our own pictures!
It’s no wonder that as our Love for each other grew beautifully with our Love for photography, we felt intrinsically drawn to the fine art of wedding photojournalism.
At the very root of our vision is the desire to photograph weddings as they happen. We feel that the only way this can be done properly is through the utilization of two independent photographers – one who follows the bride from the beginning of the day, the other following the groom. We believe that our shared Love for the art of capturing the true moment is expressed through our images and we wish only to
~Elijah & Sarah